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In Loving Memory

Toni Macri-Reiner, CCH

If you would like to share your memories, stories and love for Toni, please let me (Lisa Williams) know by completing this short form below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours. 



November 1, 2021 I had 2 hypnosis sessions with Toni in October. I have...

Toni, As I Knew Her

Toni, As I Knew Her

written by: Debi Dixon It was during the early morning hours of Sunday,...

In the early morning of October 10, 2021, Art and Toni Reiner experienced a home invasion and due to senseless gun violence Toni lost her life protecting her family.

I want to keep Toni’s website as a place of memory, of honor and as a resource for other hypnotists. We, JoLi Design Solutions, had been working with Toni for nearly a year, designing and maintaining her website, creating and implementing programs and courses and growing a relationship we are extremely grateful for.

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A website can serve a business' needs very well, but what happens when the business owner passes away? As Toni's web designer and digital wizard, my husband and I considered her not only our client, but our friend. We want to do what we can to continue the website in Toni's memory by sharing stories from friends and family, pictures, resources for other hypnotists and the love so many have for her. 

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